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"New Zealand Master Concrete Placers National Awards"


2015 CCANZ

- Best Residential Award -

Caves Residence Post Tension Floor, Wanganui.

The judges felt that this large residential slab pour posed a number of logistical and technical challenges that make it worthy of acknowledgment.

The difficult to access coastal site was exposed to both wind and sand spray, placing a premium on pour timing and site protection measures. In addition, mix design was complex to meet pumping requirements, minimize cracking and achieve the desired salt and pepper polished finish. Also adding to the demanding nature of the project was the post-tensioning system, designed to ensure an immaculate finish.  At completion the well-informed clients were delighted with their stunning concrete floor.



 - Best Place & Finish Award -

Heron Driveway

This 426 m2 driveway and turning bay was anything but straight forward. The original black oxide concrete cracked severely for yet to be established reasons. However, a co-operative relationship between placer and ready mix supplier, along with an understanding client, saw the project re-done using a lighter “Akora” colour - to stunning and practical effect.  The judges were extremely impressed not only by the professional attitude of the placer in rectifying the problems with the initial pour, but the overall place and finish aspects of the job. The end product is durable to withstand the abrasive impacts of horse and vehicles, while the aesthetics complement the adjacent building and surrounding rural environment.



- Best Commercial Award -

Southern Entranceway, Wanganui

Although the concrete on this project did not amount to a very large portion of the overall project, it was the high specifications and various textures and finishes that were used on the project that caught the judge’s eye and ultimately won the Commercial award and then the overall Supreme award. Judges were not looking for quantity; they were looking at the overall content of the works completed including complexity and technical aspects.


A range of different configurations and types of finished concrete were required to achieve the desired result. This included the ground and polished centre, which makes attractive use of a black oxide base colour with broadcast white shells, while the outer ring was poured in quarters sections,  and features two separate colours placed in two pours.The final piece in this complex concrete jigsaw was the weighbridge which had a hugely demanding flatness and

levelness tolerance.The finished result is a functional entranceway to Wanganui that also showcases the city and region’s cultural and artistic qualities.



- Supreme Award -

Southern Entranceway, Wanganui

This superb project overcame a range of challenges and the overall result is stunning. Although the recipient of multiple awards across a range of construction disciplines, the judges felt the entranceway’s complexity of concrete placement was significant, and that the quality of finish was exceptional. The entry had to be broken down to show that it covered the nine areas of compliance required to meet the NZMCPA’s entry requirements for these awards. To win the Supreme Award Wanganui Concrete Contractors project had to go up against the winners of all five categories (Decorative, Residential, Commercial, Environmental and Innovative).


The significant role played by the placement of concrete in the project must not be under estimated, and as former Mayor Michael Laws said

“Visitors to Wanganui will be greeted by the best entranceway to any city in New Zealand.”



- Best Commercial Award -

Milk Powder Treatment Plant, Open Country Dairy, Wanganui

The judges found that all relevant criteria had been met, further awarded is the scale of the project encompassing very

large tilt up wall panels with an excellent finish.  The project was undertaken with environmental sensitivity in mind.

















"Whanganui Chamber of Commerce - Regional Business Awards"


2013 Jolly Good Business Award

Wanganui Concrete Contractors won this award for showing considerable commitment to their business and local community by choosing not to relocate to Christchurch to take advantage of the rebuild. The judges commended the action by Wanganui Concrete Contractor’s action taken on a recent driveway failure

as a high level of integrity and long term goodwill to the broader community. The company displays good strategic direction in aiming to get concreting recognised as a trade in New Zealand and good maintenance of high quality standards through consistently improving product knowledge.


2008 ACC Workplace Safety Award

Wanganui Concrete Contractors Ltd impressed the judges with their practical application of health and safety policies and practices.

A very high level of commitment was demonstrated across all areas and the initiative shown around creating relevant policies and solutions to hazard control

was outstanding. The commitment to health and safety in a practical sense is demonstrated from the top down, with the management walking the talk and encouraging safety-first thinking. This is reflected in the team culture of looking out for each other and total buy in to the health and safety philosophy.


This was summed up in the interview when it was mentioned that the reason they have these systems in place is not for the ACC discount but for keeping themselves and others safe.  This company has proactively sought external training when required and transferred those skills into relevant processes within their own team.


2008 Whanganui UCOL – Service Business & Importing Excellence Award 

Highly Commended

Wanganui Concrete Contractors is owned and operated by Stu Packard, with Raewyn, Quintin, Hannon, James, Jumbo and Des. Unlike many trades, Stu and Raewyn run a professional business, working on the business, as well as working in the business, providing a track record of growth over the last five years.

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