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Plain Concrete














The most affordable of all concrete finishes, yet when laid correctly can still give a smart, sleek look to any area. Plain concrete looks just as good

on a new home as it does in freshening up an existing home. Durable and environmentally friendly it is the preferred choice of many of our clients.



Exposed Aggregate Concrete














Exposed Aggregate gives a more textured look to your driveway or paths. The top surface of the concrete is washed off to expose the aggregate (stones).

Exposed aggregate is a popular choice for new and existing homes in both paths and especially driveways, as it doesn’t tend to show marks as much as plain concrete.



Coloured Concrete














Coloured concrete can transform a plain piece of concrete in to a “masterpiece” with a wide range of colour choices available.

It is important to remember that as concrete is a natural product there is always the chance of some variations in the colour.

Please contact us for further information on coloured concrete.



Decorative Concrete














Decorative concrete is only limited by your imagination! You can have coloured concrete with decorative cuts to give the look of tiles,

or you can add different size or types of stones or shells, outline your borders, or have your concrete ground and polished.



Let us help you achieve the results that you desire.

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