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With concrete no two jobs are the same. Each property has its own unique drainage and site qualities, and every person has their own features that they want added to their job. There are also so many different options available with the concrete itself that it is not possible to give a price over the phone.  Instead we would rather offer you a free, no obligation quote, where we come to visit you on site, accurately measure your project and discuss your needs.


We listen to what you want and take in to account the site works that may be required, drainage, excavation, fill and any other expenses that may be involved. We don’t want you to get any surprises once the works have started and we allow for all expenses incurred with the laying of the concrete - from reinforcing, boxing, placing, finishing and cutting of the concrete in our quotes.

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Stu Packard 027 490 5580

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Raewyn Saunders-Loder - 06 343 2291

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