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Site Preparation

We don’t have a lot of expensive machinery sitting around costing us money,  instead we call in our preferred contractors to do the required works for you.

We can arrange for everything from a small dingo or a bobcat up to large 12 ton diggers and trucks - depending on what you need.


Most sites need some form of excavation works to prepare the site for the boxing process, or you may need to have an old driveway removed,

the site leveling out or unsuitable fill removed before we can start. Shellrock, sand or other suitable fill is then used as a base before the site can be boxed.

If you require additional services-e.g. drainage, landscaping, retaining walls, dumping of debris etc we can arrange this for you, or put you in contact with our preferred contractors.



The team at Wanganui Concrete Contractors Ltd can box anything from your garden path or driveway through to your house or garage floor.

We have experienced team members with backgrounds in the building industry.After the completion of the boxing the site is then compacted

ready for the concrete , because as we say....

“Everything begins with a solid foundation.”



The pumping of concrete to many sites allows for the quick and effortless disbursement of the concrete, with less chance of damaging the surrounding areas. 

Pumping also allows for the concrete to be delivered to  less accessible places. Wanganui Concrete Contractors Ltd has access to a fleet of seven pump trucks

- both line and boom pumps, meaning that we can always get the right pump, for the job, both in the Palmerston North and the Taranaki area.


Placing & Finishing

This is the main core of what we do - the placing and the finishing of the concrete. This involves the process from when the concrete leaves the concrete truck, being pumped, barrowed or shot from the truck to the site, then the spreading (raking and screeding), vibrating of the concrete if required and levelling of it.

The finishing involves the various trowel type finishes and depends on the final needs and purposes of the finished area - this may be predetermined by Council restrictions or architect specifications. Common finishes are a bull float finish, a smooth or broom finish, a skiff or power trowel finish or an exposed aggregate finish. We will discuss all of these options with you and work out what best suits your needs, or the required finish, for the works that you are doing.



Wanganui Concrete Contractors have their own cutting equipment and experienced staff to carry out this important part of your project.

All concrete tends to crack and although expansion cutting does not guarantee that your concrete won’t crack, it will minimize the cracking

and encourage the concrete to crack in the “right” places.


Our staff are also available to cut concrete for removal if your existing concrete path or driveway needs to be removed, or if you have other

concrete areas that need to be cut e.g. a path or driveway that needs to be cut to give you access to pipes or cables under the concrete.


Decorative cuts (wider than normal) can be used to give different looks to your concrete area-often used with coloured concrete to give the look of tiles.








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