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The pride you have in your home is reflected in the clean, attractive appearance of a concrete driveway…and will greatly enhance the “street appeal” of your home. Although an expensive outlay, a concrete driveway will add value to your home, and if you compare the initial cost, replacement costs and maintenance

for the life of a concrete driveway versus any other alternative, you’ll find a concrete driveway is a great investment that requires little maintenance. The non-skid surface and light colour are safety features of concrete. Light is also reflected in the evening for the family’s safety. Concrete is more resistant to weather - and it never gets sticky or tacky.


We will always recommend that you use some form of reinforcing in your concrete and all our driveways are at least 100mm thick, 20mpa concrete. Upon completion the driveway will have expansion cuts placed in it at regular intervals to help elevate cracking. There are many types of finishes available for your driveway so please call us today to  see what type would suit your needs best. We are not able to give a price over the phone as all jobs, especially driveways, vary so much depending on the ground, drainage, excavation required, preparation and final concrete finish. Please refer to other pages on our website for additional information regarding site preparation, finishes and textures available


Vehicle Crossings















Whether you are replacing an existing vehicle crossing (the concrete area between the end of your driveway to the road edge) or installing a new one, you will require a council approved installer to insure your driveway meets the required by-laws and regulations. Wanganui Concrete Contractors are approved Vehicle Crossing Installers with the Wanganui District Council and we have the knowledge and experience to install your crossing to the required standards. We have qualified staff that are able to offer standard traffic management systems (STMS) that are required for working on the roads - which should be part of any contractors quote to you.


We can arrange for everything from excavation through to the placing and finishing of the vehicle crossing,

including obtaining council consent and producer statements,  either as a stand alone vehicle crossing or in conjunction with a new driveway.



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